1. Super late but we finally watched the last season & finale of #TheOffice on #Netflix -one of the best & well written TV endings I’ve ever seen. Cried happy tears. 😒😊 (at Orange County, CA)

  2. @pandoraradio presents @nicoandvinz Now this song #AmIWrong will be stuck in my head even more so than once a day. 😊 #threesup to @blfarber @vixsevilla and team. #lexuspopupconcertsπŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork

  3. So I just downloaded this new APP that all the cool kids are using called #snapchat -have you heard of if? lol. Apparently I’m the only one who DIDN’T have it b/c you ALL do already. Thanks to #FourXample director/producer patna @quincy I know how to turn it on. πŸ˜‰Follow at: @roslynnc πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork #quincy #nonudies #nodckpicks 😳 (at Bossa Nova - Hollywood, CA)

  4. Ran into my love @phreshceleste while having dinner with my #fourxample loves @quincy @matt_mrok @mike_skeetv - happy bday cochino! One of my favorite people in this world. πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine)

  5. Blocking soccer goals by @itsmetc15 like my niece @medeiros.marlee at @EAsports #FIFA15 launch party at @dashradio - listen to #FIFA15Radio on #dashradio πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Dash Radio - dashradio.com)

  6. @Zelmccarthy @itsmetc15 @eazee @kflay discussing upcoming fall albums on @revolttv #revoltlive w/ @therealdjdamage (at Revolt TV Live - Time Warner Cable)

  7. #beyonce & #jayz “This Is Real Life” home video footage of the once super private couple getting engaged in Paris, getting married, vacationing, pregnancy photos & #BlueIvy growing up was my favorite part of the #OnTheRun Tour, especially compared to the #BonnieAndClyde scripted videos they created. Every couple is #OnTheRun from life’s daily challenges but being in the public eye, they also have a million naysayers that would love to see them break. As she said “Forgiveness is me giving up the right to hurt you like you hurt me.” A highly entertaining love story that I think topped WatchTheThrone w/Kanye & LegendsOfSummer w/JustinTimberlake (especially if you’re a girl ;) suggested must-watch or enjoy favorite clips up on #thirdfloornetwork .com #OTRonHBO (at Beyonce & JayZ On The Run Tour)

  8. New pop up @A3Cfestival hip hop station on @dashradio featuring music from 2014 #A3CFestival performers. For some of the artists this will be the first time having their music played on the radio, not only locally but globally. Yay! 😊 #dashradio πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Dash Radio - dashradio.com)

  9. Friday #OfficeTreats @snoopdogg @happysocks giving me #happyfeet figuratively & literally. 😍 Thanks my ❀️@ronamercado @cashmereagency #snoopdogg πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Orange County, CA)

  10. Exclusive livestream of #BunB @djquik1 @dizzyhippy @iamsu @killermike #RiffRaff #NORE & entire @murs316 stage at @SSMF this weekend. Tune into to #IndependentGrind on @Dash_Radio to listen. #sunsetstripmusicfest #SSMF #Murs316Stage #dashradio πŸ‘Œmore details at: #thirdfloornetwork .com (at Sunset Strip Music Festival)

  11. .@therealdjdamage discussing the #futureofradio on @revolttv w/ @djskee @djfellifel & @bjthechicagokid -Watch it on #revoltlive today at 2pm PST / 5pm EST. #ThreesUp to @danadanenofame & team for curating interesting conversations daily. #dashradio #power106 #bjthechicagokid πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Revolt TV Live - Time Warner Cable)

  12. The lovely #Estelle stopped by @dashradio today. Listen to the @dj_base interview tomorrow 9.16 on #Loud at 6p PST. @estelledarlings #dashradioπŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Dash Radio - dashradio.com)

  13. "It’s not your fault that they hover, I mean no disrespect, it’s my right to be hellish, I still get #Jealous" 😑😊love the #nickjonas acoustic version of this song performed LIVE on @whatstrending at #youtubespaceLA & climbing the @twittermusic chart. Watch it now on #thirdfloornetwork .com πŸ‘Œ (at YouTube.com/WhatsTrending)

  14. Friday office treats: new tea by #kevinliles #jayz & #mariahcarey that have augmented reality capabilities. Still trying to figure out what that means w/my phone. πŸ˜‚anyone try these yet? Thanks #KWLEnterprises #GoNSyde πŸ‘Œ#thirdfloornetwork (at Orange County, CA)

  15. #OddFuture launches their own radio station on @DashRadio tonight. “Most radio sucks so we’re doing it ourselves. We do what we want & playing what we want.” says #OFWGKTKA description. “. “Basically a 24/7 commercial free station for their shows, their shit, their friends and music they like.. live show on tuesdays. specials.. whatever they come up with. could be absolutely amazing or a complete disaster.. ha…go eagles.” says manager @christianclancy on @thefader RP: #dashradio (at Dash Radio - dashradio.com)